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Sad Status for WhatsApp and FB Status

Sad Status in English and Sad Status in Hindi are two different languages status that are similar but not exactly the same. Sad Status in English can be compared to a message board where you can post your personal messages to other members. These private message boards have very few users. The main difference is that you need to pay to send a message to other users.

Sad Status in English has very few features and it mostly consists of the name of the recipient, message and a link to the external websites of the sender and recipient. Unlike Facebook status where there are various activities happening around you the user interface and the news feed are very personal. However, if you do not like the design of the application then you can hide or clear your profile. Hiding the profile will prevent other users from finding out what you are doing.

Sad Status in English can be useful to your friends, but they cannot view your messages. You can make them see your messages through the private messaging feature. However, there is nothing like private messaging in this application. It may look like fun, but this application is more of an inconvenience to your friends.

Sad Status in Hindi is similar to Facebook status updates in the way that it is used. Users add friends and write Sad Status in Hindi while making status updates. However, it is much easier to write such status updates in English. You can share your updates with your friends in English and get a response very easily. However, you cannot share your status updates to your friends in Hindi if they do not speak English.

In Facebook and Whatsapp you can also create groups and invite your friends. In Facebook groups you can write status updates and share them with your friends. Similarly, in Facebook groups you can share your Sad Status in private message to your friends. However, if you want to update your Sad Status in Hindi to all your friends, then it is better to update it in Hindi directly.

You can also use Hindi translation services on Facebook and whatsapp to translate your status message to the other language. However, this service is usually free of cost. However, if you want to update your status regularly in English and want to send a message to all your friends in English, then you need to upgrade your account.

Sad Status in Hindi can be sent by using email. You need to select a location where you want to send your message and then send your Sad Status in English. Using internet mail or mobile phone you can send your Sad Status message to all your friend in India and abroad. However, if you wish to send Sad Status in Hindi to your friend in United States then you may have to upgrade your account.

On Facebook and whatsapp you can add or remove your Facebook and Whatsapp account. If you wish to remove your account, you can click on "Home" and then click on "Remove Account" link. Sad status updates are not visible to everyone. Your friend's and your friends' friends will not see your Sad Status. However, if you would like to show them that you are not happy with your current status then you can log in to Facebook and remove the account. However, removing Facebook account will not remove Sad Status for Facebook and whatsapp messages from your friend's friends.

On Facebook and whatsapp you can post new status updates about anything. However, it is recommended to write new status updates in English. As many people who speak English as a mother tongue are using Facebook and whatsapp regularly. Therefore, if you write in English then it will be easier for them to read your Sad Status messages. However, you may also want to make sure that you don't overdo it with your Sad Status messages as many people may think that you are just trying to annoy your friends.

There are many things you can do to make your Sad Status updates more effective. The first thing you can do is to post the status updates at least one time every day. Also, try to update the same post more than once a day if you can. These are some tips that can help you in writing effective Sad Status messages for Facebook and whatsapp.

Sad Status for Facebook and Whatsapp messages are very effective, especially if you are staying overseas. You need not worry about the translation of these messages as they are written in English. Sad Status for Facebook and Whatsapp should be posted in appropriate forums and locations as there are many users posting their Sad Status updates in such places. By searching in appropriate forums, you can find many users who can help you with translating your Sad Status posts into the desired language.