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We have brought the best Love Status, Sad Status, FB Status, WhatsApp Status and Shayari for you in Hindi and English so that you do not hesitate to say your feelings in front of anyone. WhatsApp Status and FB Status is the best way to express your feelings. Our Love Status in Hindi, Love Status in English and Shayari that will fill your heart with happiness because you can express your feeling without speak. We have brought these Love Status in Hindi exclusively for you.

If there were no love there would be no friendship, no happiness and no beauty, All that is valuable in life comes through love. Love is a precious gift of life. It is not limited to love, not only love between lovers is love, but in every relationship, the affection that goes along with trust keeps our relationship, so let's have some Love Status in Hindi read about and know what some great people have to say about it.

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Be Happy - Be Brief About Your Love Status

You can instantly impart your love status in the comments made on your love life status. Want to share your love status with your love as well? Just follow this list of 100+ Love Status quotes for Whatsapp. Another great collection for whatsapp users.

"Keep smiling and be happy!" This quote means to keep smiling no matter what is happening around you and never let anything stop you from being a happy person. People who are happy to go on to have a better and healthy love life. On the other hand those who are not in a good mood always keep smiling. They are advised to keep their moods light so that they can be happier.

"A true love story doesn't just happen-it's not a two-minute story." This love status means that even if you are in love with someone it will not last forever. Therefore, you should make it a point to always be ready to give your love and attention to your partner. This will not only bring happiness but true love status as well. This love status is usually said by the one who is in love.

"A relationship is something you do and it's something you should do." This is said to express how important a relationship is. This is one of the fastest and quickest ways to let everyone know how serious you are with someone and what the status of your relationship is. Like said earlier, it is not a two-minute story. You should never explain in words what the status of your love is in your profile.

"I'm sad but I'm not over her/him yet" This is one of the most popular and easiest love status. Just make sure that you add this line in your profile because people just love to tell others that they care about them. This love status is usually used when the person is not that into the one she/he is dating. You should always let the other person to figure out how much he/she is into you. It is one of the funniest quotes ever written.

All of these beautiful things can be used to let others know that you are a happy and contented person. Happiness does not come on its own; you have to work for it everyday. Do not hesitate to use these great love status and never let anyone stop you from being happy with your status. If you are not happy with the love you have then work on it to find the best status to express your true love for someone.