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Attitude Status For Facebook and Whatsapp

Attitude Status For FB and Whatsapp is just a concept that has emerged from a recent research study. No one can deny the fact that having an attitude or being enthusiastic about something is very important when it comes to social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. The main reason behind this is nothing but the fact that people consider these social networking platforms as their only real "friend" in these mediums. They spend more time on these mediums than anything else and there is hardly anyone who spends his/her time on television, radios or magazines.

So, just a it possible to changeAttitude Status For FB and Whatsapp into something else? Is Attitude Status for girls similar to Attitude Status For Boys? Both types of Attitude Status have their own sets of pros and cons, so which one should you use? To start with, lets discuss about Attitude Status For Girls first. In short, Attitude Status is a simple status where girls upload their pictures (with an optional caption if necessary) and their bios (who they are, where they live, what they do etc).

Girls with positive Attitude Status get lots of friends request and their inquiries are answered by a lot of them. Of course, there are some fake or bogus profile pages also, but in general, girls with good attitude statuses have a large network of friends, whom they interact with on a regular basis and who sincerely care for them as well. On the other hand, guys have the opposite Attitude Status, so, for example, a guy who has only a few friends would be tagged by most people as "married" or "single". Such guys will most likely receive no responses from those seeking for a relationship with him, because no one wants to date a divorced person or a person with no interest in getting married (or getting serious with again).

Now, let us consider the case of Attitude Status For Facebook and Whatsapp. With Attitude Status For Facebook, a girl can attract a lot of "good" guys looking for a companion. The issue arises when she ignores the number of "bad" guys trying to approach her. This will attract a lot of "bad" guys trying to make advances on her, who will then be seen by her as "friends". So, if the guy she is ignoring is not "bad", but she just doesn't accept his approaches, she is indirectly giving him the green light to contact her-even if she ignores him or hides her profile.

But, with Attitude Status for Facebook and Whatsapp, the girl can be assured that there are no "bad" guys seeking her out. And, the guys will only be seen as "friends" after they have made their advances and spoken with her directly. This gives her the power to decide how much she wants to open herself up to. The Attitude Status allows her to control the "who" part of the equation. If the "bad guys" like the one she ignored were included, they would be seen as "friends" and she would have no way of blocking them off her social media profile.

As you can see, using Attitude Status for FB and Whatsapp is the smartest way to use such a new feature. One thing I need to stress here is that, if you are not comfortable with Indian or Hindi language dialogues and have no idea about what "Hindi" is, then Attitude Status in Hindi is not for you. I am in India and if I want to speak or write in Hindi or some other language, then Attitude Status in Hindi will not help you. But if you know at least some of the options available on Attitude Status, then definitely give Attitude Status a shot!